Check Out Mt Seymour Team Rider Blair Mckinney in The Blair Switch Project

‘Over a decade ago The Blair Witch Project emerged as a never-been-done POV horror movie and took the American public by storm. In 2015, Blair McKinney tames his own demons in a full switch part compiled over the course of the 2014-15 winter. Contrary to the Blair Witch Project‘s low tech, lo-fi style, The Blair Switch Project is hi-def, proper, and technical as hell’- Snowboarder Magazine.

Trash Talk: Mt Seymour’s New Waste Reduction Program

This is Al. For those of you who might not be familiar, Al has been an employee of Mt Seymour for several years now. Among his many day-to-day tasks, he oversees our waste management program. Al would like to remind everyone to stop and think before throwing any food products, recycling or garbage into a bin. There are now 4 bins to choose from and finding the right match will save Al’s team a lot of added work.

Al Herman

Metro Vancouver is going through a dramatic change in the way waste is managed (as we’re sure you all know about). While most everyone is aware of the blue and yellow recycling bin programs, a new focus on organics disposal is taking place. The ultimate goal is to divert 80% of food, food waste and food soiled paper products away from the landfill by 2020. This means amping up waste sorting initiatives for both households and businesses. In fact, Metro Vancouver is making it the law and will impose fines on anyone not following the new guidelines. A few reminders before you cast away that piece of garbage to a place where it might not belong:

  • Soiled brown paper towels go in the organics bin
  • One use coffee cups – if waxed/coated go in the trash, if un-coated go in the organics bin
  • All food scraps go in the organics bin
  • Coffee grounds, tea bags, tea leaves etc go in the organics bin

To make sure Al, his team and ultimately the environment stay happy, read the signs on the bins, take time to sort your items, and don’t be afraid to trash talk with a Mt Seymour employee if you need assistance.

Q&A with Nic Heringa

Nic Heringa is a long-time Mt Seymour local. For nearly two decades Nic has spent the winter months shredding our parks and slopes, receiving sponsorship from Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards, Thirtytwo/Etnies, Coastal Riders, I/S Eyewear, Crab Grab and Union Bindings. Nic rides for the Mt Seymour Pro Team, coaches for The BC Snowboard Development Team and started his own snowboard glove company, Salmon Arms. We caught up with Heringa to talk about his career and what’s coming down the pipe with his new company.

How many years have you been snowboarding?

I started riding with a few friends from Bowen Island back in 1998. This will be my seventeenth season on a board.

What year did you first hit Mt Seymour?

Around 2001, after watching my friends older brother’s snowboard movies on repeat. It was apparent Seymour was the hot spot for riding. First run top to bottom park! I was hooked.

Photo by Evan Chandler-Soanes

Photo Credit: Evan Chandler-Soanes

How did you get involved with the Development Team?

I was coaching summer camp in Whistler at Camp of Champions when BC Snowboard approached me and asked if I would be interested in coaching the Provincial Development Team based in Vancouver. This will be my fourth season with them. It is a great program that speeds up progression in a safe and fun group environment.

What are the highlights of being a coach?

Everyday I spend on the hill with the team is a highlight! Being situated in Vancouver, we get to experience every type of weather/condition imaginable throughout the season. This makes for a perfect coaching environment. Watching the athletes progress, push each other and build friendships through a common bond is a very rewarding feeling. I am always pumped to see the team in action!

Biggest frustration being a coach?

Injuries. Either one of the athletes or myself, but by taking the right precautions and working your way up through proper progression you can greatly decrease the risk of being hurt. Not being able to ride sucks.


Photo Credit: Evan Chandler-Soanes

Snowboarding has been a massive part of your life. What do you think you’d be doing if you never picked up a board?

I never really think of what I would be doing if I didn’t start snowboarding. It has enabled me to meet so many interesting people from all over the world, make friends , travel to random places, stay healthy and happy as well as let me share my passions with others. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What was your inspiration to start your own company Salmon Arms?

‘Salmon Arms’ gloves started as a funny idea inspired by a road trip to interior BC. Because snowboarding is such a big part of my life, I thought I’d have a go at something new and challenging and experiment with making snowboard gloves and accessories. Going into our third season it has been a great learning experience, as well as a fun and creative outlet for my friends and I. The response and support from the Mt Seymour community has been phenomenal. Thank you all.

Check out Nic’s company by visiting


Photo Credit: Evan Chandler-Soanes